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  • Sacred Wisdom Society

    The Sacred Wisdom Society is a place for witches, spiritual practitioners, and the like to learn about magick, energy work, esoteric wisdom and more. Our wisdom school features courses with lessons, quizzes, downloadable resources, and other elements to help you on your path.

Why Sacred Wisdom Society?

Unlimited Learning Potential

With so many topics and courses to explore, there's always something new to learn and dive into through Astarte's Temple.

Self-Paced Courses

Each course has a suggested timeline of completion but can be entirely self-paced with unlimited quiz attempts.

Practical Application of Info

Each course has practical applications and guided rituals to help you best master the material and put it into action.

Rituals & Workings

Most of our courses include powerful rituals & workings that can be implemented into your own practice based on your intuition and goals.

Affordable Resources

In hopes of making the society as accessible as possible, there is an abundance of both free & affordably priced content, products, and services.

Community & Support

Unlike many eCourses or subscriptions which are entirely hands-off, we provide options for Q&A and community support.

What People Are Saying

"Each course is unique and educational. I love that you can follow at your own pace and that there's a large range of categories."
"Kate has such a way with words and is an amazing person to learn more about spirituality from. Her experience and energy says everything you need to know."
"I highly recommend to check the courses, the articles & services."
"Kate made me feel so welcomed when joining the Sacred Wisdom Society, I'm so far loving reading the articles she has up on the website 100/10!"
"My wife and I used Kate Jade's Samhain ancestor ritual. The ritual was simple, effective, and well structured."
"My mom and I have gotten readings from Kate before, and they are so detailed and well explained, she answered any questions I had as well!"
“It’s like a series of spiritual college courses that teach you everything you need to know to be successful in your craft.”
“Many things the Sacred Wisdom Society explained I had no idea about and I loved learning about. Like the significance of 7s in tarot’s major arcana??? SOSO interesting to me!!!”
“Everything I have read so far is SO detailed and well explained. And yes, I’ve taken notes on it!"
"As someone who’s tried and (kinda) failed to memorize tarot (literally there’s just a billion cards) I’d definitely recommend the Quickest Method to Learning Tarot Course to anyone who wants to learn about tarot and deepen their knowledge on it!!"
"I followed the ritual for connecting with your ancestors that the Sacred Wisdom Society had posted and I am so beyond grateful 🥹"
"We had the most beautiful time connecting with our ancestors using the ancestor ritual and meditation. Thank you so much for sharing a way to do so safely and simply. Blessed be!" 

Rooms of Astarte's Temple

The Study

Sacred Wisdom Society — Enroll in magickal courses & more.

The Apothecary

DKT Metaphysical Shop — Buy hand-crafted spiritual tools.

The Library

Publishing House — Snag copies of Author Kate Jade's books.

The Foyer

Blog — Explore articles on all kinds of supernatural topics.

The Inner Court

Services  — Book a reading or mediumship service with Kate.