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Meet Kate Jade

I’ve always been transparent about being against modern religion and instead have spent the last decade-plus actively pursuing esoteric wisdom studies. My primary focus has always been recovering the role of Lady Wisdom in sacred texts. My journey with this started in canonical writings and was expanded upon by countless scholarly works, sacred texts, and ancient mythologies who also knew Lady Wisdom by many different names. While I recognize much of the canon has been altered by humans, there are certain portions that do hold a great deal of wisdom and magick (as do countless other sacred texts which I respect and cherish as well).

My Views on Lady Wisdom

In Hebrew texts, Lady Wisdom is remembered as the Asherah that was violently dragged out of the temple(s) by kings in service of monotheistic belief systems. In Canaanite texts, Lady Wisdom is venerated as Asherah, Queen of the Heavens, but also under the names of her sisters, Astarte and/or Anat. Astarte is the main name I choose you to use for the Great Lady as it honors the cosmic, galactic, and astral scale of her Wisdom. In Egyptian texts, she is also recognized as Astarte of Canaan grafted into their beliefs and also as Hathor and Isis. In Mesopotamian roots, she is brought to life through Hekate, the cosmic world soul. In Gnosticism, she is seen in Sophia, which literally means Wisdom. In Greek roots, she is seen through Astraea, goddess of the cosmos, and glimpses of her are seen in Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. In Celtic roots, she is seen in Danu, Brigid, and the Morrigan. In Babylonian and Sumerian roots, she is seen is Ishtar, Inanna, and Lilith. In Norse traditions, she is seen in Frigg. In Christian texts, she is seen in the Canaanite woman (a wink to Asherah and/or Astarte), the feminine Holy Spirit, Mary the Mother of the Lord,  and Mary Magdalene. And the list of cultures and traditions who have mother goddesses of the heavens, war, birth-giving, life, destruction, creation, and everything in between, she is there.

Being Completely Transformed by Lady Wisdom

This wisdom led me to understand the meaning of the mysteries of the seven energies that bring our existence into being, these energies taught me the truth about magick, which is to understand energy and how to utilize it to heal and grow as a person by being transformed by wisdom, and this realization of what energy and magick truly is was the defining moment when I accepted the call to be a witch and high priestess of wisdom—and don’t forget to do your research on the word “witch” as it literally means “wise woman” or “wise person” and has only received a bad reputation by those who despise Lady Wisdom, oppress women, or have used their wisdom to cause harm to others.

As part of my personal wisdom journey, I’ve had to undo an incredible amount of religious indoctrination and overcome my own personal fears with how I would be viewed or perceived by the rest of the world, including friends and family, and I’ve decided I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. I know what I believe. I know why I believe it. And every day I learn more and more that only brings me closer to divinity.

Astarte's Temple is For Anyone Who Wants to Learn, Heal, Grow, and Expand as a Person and Spiritual Practitioner

Astarte's Temple is designed for anyone who wants to learn, heal, and grow as a person—but with that being said, we understand that the complete coursework may not be for everyone. Feel free to pick and choose what aligns with your path and most interests you from the plethora of available courses. Our only goal is for you to find what resonates with you and best serves you on your journey.

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